Pace Runners, a Birmingham-based logistics company, is a perfect example of a client undergoing cultural transformation. “Sure, we’re known as a logistics company,” says IT Director Patrick McCarty, “but we’re really a data company. Scott saw that without my having to explain it to him — which is why we work together so well. We’ve hired three people he sent us, and they’ve all fit right into the culture we’re building here.”

Patrick McCArty, Pace Runners

Scott’s the Go-To guy for finding great tech people. He’s sent me half a dozen over the years. He’s even sent me leads for new business. With Scott, it’s more than just a professional relationship. He’s a friend. We do breakfast or lunch at least once a month. I even went to his wedding.

Bob Carver, J-J-Solutions

The thing about Scott is, he knows me and what I’m looking for so well that I really don’t have to go into detail anymore about what I need. I’ve hired virtually everyone he’s sent me. The short-term benefit is, I don’t have to waste my time looking for the right people. The long-term benefit is, I actually have the right people. He knows me and my management style, and he makes it very easy to find the right people.

G.T. LaBorde, Illumicare

I have had repeated success with Scott finding good quality, hireable resources.

Ken at UAB

BetterHire has been a great company to work with. They matched my skills with the requirements of the client and provided me with an excellent opportunity. They took care of all the “HR stuff” which left me free to concentrate on my work at the client site.

Manish Nevrekar, Children’s Health System

Scott combines access to the best jobs in town first, with skills and personality assessment, to find you and place you into a position where you will thrive. He is much more than a recruiter – he is a career asset.

Robby White Sr. Software Developer

When it comes to technical staff, from sales people to developers, there’s no better way to hire than BetterHire. Strong candidates every time.

John Sciarabba, CEO, Alden Systems

Scott and his team at BetterHire are top-notch. They save me valuable time by digging into the details of the skillset that is needed and qualify them before they introduce them to me. They have found us some of the top engineers in the business.

Terry Miller, VP of Managed and Cloud Services Engineering at TekLinks

BetterHire has been one of our primary providers for both temporary and permanent staffing for several years. The resources we acquire have always been excellent candidates and have evolved into some of our finest staff. BetterHire has always gone the extra step and many times beyond that, to locate, screen and vet excellent and often difficult-to-locate talent.


Scott Simon and his team at BetterHire don’t waste a minute of my time – or theirs. They get right to the point and find out exactly what I need, and how fast I need it. Then they move Heaven and Earth to do it. I never hesitate to use them or recommend them to my clients. I wish everyone I worked with had the same attitude as BetterHire!

Kenneth C. DeWitt, EOS/Traction (Entrepreneurial Operating System™ Implementer Certified), Birmingham, AL