About Better Hire

Companies must make better hires, not status quo hires – everybody must be better than they were yesterday. Including us. Our job is to secure a better hire for you in tough information technology careers environments. That’s why we changed our company name from Adatech (1999) to Better Hire. It serves as a constant reminder of why we’re working together.

We find people who work and who work better together to satisfy:

  • Tech demands – by combining know-how, a sense of context and the ability to take a vision and run with it
  • Automotive manufacturing demands – by finding individuals that companies can trust to move them forward safely
  • Sales demands – by understanding human nature and behavior, and knowing the difference between selling and developing business
  • Logistic demands – by bringing an understanding of movement and what it takes to get materials and other resources to a destination
  • Decision demands – by possessing the discernment and experience to know when to be conservative and when to take a smart risk

Areas we offer career opportunities:

  • Alabama: Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile
  • And more to all of the Southeast!

Everybody wants a better hire. The name helps to keep us focused – not to just search for candidate, but to find people who can run with it. The best people in the business trust Better Hire with their careers.