“Scott and his team have always taken my skills and matched me with not only good job descriptions but with companies that match my personality as well. Their relationships with companies help them match qualified candidates with successful businesses.”
Marty Godsey

“You’ve always sent me the exact person I needed for the job I needed to do. You and I had a lot of ‘back and forth’ prior to being sent any applicants, and you seemed to understand what I need as a project manager.”
Greg Rollins

“They were well informed on the candidates they sent, as well as on target with our needs. They sent us very qualified candidates and really did their homework in the pre-screening. Scott was always available when I needed to speak with him, and he did an excellent job in following up with me. He really grasped what our company was all about, what the position needs were, and helped us to determine exactly the type of candidate we needed.”
Becca Frith
McM Technolgy

“The first time I talked to BetterHire, I knew I was in good hands. They just flat-out know what they are doing.”
Chuck Gault
Max Coating

“Scott Simon is more than a mere headhunter. He’s a first-rate strategic partner for clients looking to achieve their goals through better hiring. He understands that arbitrarily-defined skill-sets are often inadequate indicators of candidates’ true potential. More importantly, he understands people. If you’re looking for a relationship that more than pays for itself on both a professional and a personal level, Scott’s your man.”
Francis Hare
Hare Advertising

“I see Scott and his staff as modern-day matchmakers, demonstrating an uncanny ability to fit the unique talents of the individual with the exacting needs of the client.”
Marc Beaumont
President of Contenova

“BetterHire has been a great company to work with. They matched my skills with the requirements of the client and provided me with a excellent opportunity. They took care of all the ‘HR stuff’ which left me free to concentrate on my work at the client site.”
Manish Nevrekar
Children’s Health System

“The right candidate was identified so quickly I thought there must’ve been a mistake. The new hire was such a right fit it was … eerie”
Robert C. Carver, CIO
AirMed International, LLC

“They’re people oriented, detailed oriented and time oriented – and never fail to follow up! If you need top talent for your organization, they are the people to find it for you.”
Lola Flippo
Practice Director Business Solutions

“I have worked with the team at BetterHire for 10 years. My experience with the team has always been positive, on both the hiring and placement side. BetterHire is different than so many other search firm/placement agencies in that they gain a true understanding of the needs of both their talent pool and their hiring firms. When I utilize BetterHire to fill a position, I know I am not going to receive dozens of unqualified resumes. I will receive several that are all qualified and meet my needs as an employer. When they helped place me in a position 7 years ago, they did not shop me around to dozens of firms, but worked to find the right fit for me as an employee. I highly recommend Scott and BetterHire whether you are looking to find a career or looking to find the right team-member to hire.”
Kevin Hodgkins
CIO McPherson Oil

“I have worked with Scott Simon and his people for a number of years. He has always provided me with first class people and more importantly treated me as a valued customer. It is always my pleasure to confidently recommend Scott to any of my friends who are looking to hire excellent employees.”
Larry Cease

“I’ve been amazed at how incredibly well-connected they are at BetterHire…they seem to be THE firm in town who is privy to all the unadvertised opportunities in the Birmingham marketplace.”
Phyllis Neill

“We require top technical talent for our clients across the country and rely on BetterHire to deliver them.”
Jeffrey Ward
Director of Federal Business Development, Teksouth Corporation

“I didn’t think I would ever be happy in an IT position again. I’m glad Scott and BetterHire proved me wrong. This job is everything BetterHire promised and more.”
Kyle Crider
VB Programmer Analyst
Bayside Business Solutions, Inc.

“The BetterHire group consistently finds talented professionals. I have worked with them more than once and was always pleased with the personnel they sent. We saved so much time not interviewing the wrong people!”
Nancy Burleson
Media Services – A Time Warner company

“When I think of BetterHire, I’m thinking about a company that cares for both the employer as well as the candidate. They are experienced enough in the technology space to provide the search and pre-qualification you need to be successful, but creative enough not to be a prisoner of their experience and react quickly to the changing situation at hand. It takes talent to find the right balance; they do it and do it well.”
Hilaire B. deSa
CIO Momentum Telecom